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NEW RELEASE - A CAPPELLA Collaboration on Youtube, with James Rose

Hi Guys, Another update and little treat for you.

We have just released a new track and video on youtube, of a collaboration that I have been working on with my genius friend. Mr James Rose.

James Rose, who I have mentioned many times before, is a wonderful pianist, who I have done work with before, and is also an outstanding composer and arranger. Having a keen passion for A cappella music, he has gained a following on Youtube, doing various Multitrack Recordings and videos.

He has started up his own group, ‘Vive’, which he shall be gigging with more and more over the coming months, and who I had the pleasure of singing with back in early December for a performance with special guest Jacqui Dankworth.

Anyway - here we are! Enjoy! and please share far and wide with your friends, family, and acquaintances! Peace and Love Guys! AND SUBSCRIBE!

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