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Updated: Mar 26, 2018

Composition work commissioned for NBC's Prime Time Show - "The Sing Off"

A Small but noteworthy achievement! Over the Summer, I went to do some Studio Work for my Good friend and Composer, Vince Webb, who through a collaboration with LA-based production music giants Levels Music Group had been approached to submit a selection of original acapella tracks and jingles it for the incidental music playlist of the American TV Network, ‘NBC’s Prime Time Show - “The Sing Off” Season 3.

This was the first piece of studio work I had done, outside of my own projects- so a great experience and very interesting. So we spent an hour or two, one day back in August, over in a studio in North London, recording a few different accapella compositions, and a few improvised ones. The session was very enjoyable, and I believe was followed by another session at a local bar once finished. An soo...the weeks and months went by... until... I received a message just today from him, to say that a number of the pieces had been commissioned for the show, of which had been aired just over a month ago! Soooo Quite Psyched about that!

Its all about the first first 9 seconds of incidental music... ;) (BUT DO CHECK OUT THE WHOLE SHOW - THE SING OFF HAS SOME OUTSTANDING A CAPPELLA GROUPS ON IT!)

To see what else Vince Webb is doing - Visit his Website -

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