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London a cappella Group 'VIVE' - are now online! Follow Them!

Hi Guys,

Just thought I’d let you know about something I’m currently following/digging, and give my friends group a plug at the same time.

James Rose, who you may have noticed I have been doing some recent live and studio work with as a duo recently. Besides being an outstanding piano player, is also an avid fan of Take 6 and like music.

Having a keen passion for A cappella music, he has gained a following on Youtube, doing various Multitrack Recordings and videos. And recently started up his own group, ‘Vive’ who I had the pleasure of singing with back in early December for a performance with special guest Jacqui Dankworth.

‘Vive is a 6-part a cappella group intent on re-imagining the close-harmony jazz/spiritual/a cappella sound. Performing live on stage around London with guest jazzers such as Jacqui Dankworth, and collaborating online with famous youtube multi-trackers such as JBC, we have a lot of vocal love to share!’

"a very good sense for arranging harmony for voices" - Dr Dent, Take 6

Anyway Moving on, Vive has just launched its own Facebook Page simultaneously with a new composition written by J.R for the group. Check it out Follow him on Youtube and like the Facebook Page!

They are well worth a listen, and checking out at a gig.

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