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I have the privilege of recently becoming involved with the //Backstep// project - The first show of 2013 is on at 8pm, May 10th at Rich Mix London, in Shoreditch, with Support from Ellie Rusbridge.

//Backstep// are a new vocal group which consist of, a featured beatboxer and 8 of the most exciting and talented young singers on the London vocal scene, including: 

Sam Merrick     - Blythe Pepino Billy Boothroyd - Ellie Rusbridge Ed Randell      - Sarah Ellen Hughes Sam Coates      - Alison Beck

Formed to perform the composition //Backstep// by composer Chris Lewis, the group delivers an eclectic fusion of styles, borrowing from classical, folk, hip hop and electronica.​

The //Backstep// project rejects any distinction between the musical materials of the 'popular' and 'classical' spheres.

Uniting artists from wide-ranging backgrounds and disciplines, it creates a natural fusion of musical elements from the diverse listening habits of 21st century audiences.

Check out the group in their debut at 93 Feet East in Shoredtich, London back in April 2012 performing the Bellatrix tune 'Sweet Stuff'.

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